Sunday, January 9, 2011

How much more trouble can I get into?

Well the end of the last post unexpectedly segues into this one.  Something that won't happen often and I suppose I shouldn't care since the posts appear in a reverse chronology anyway.  Or rather it did, and then I was editing multiple posts at the same time and then taking out a section to make a post of it's own.  Now it actually works from top to bottom.  This kind of chaos sounds a lot more like me ;o).  I was mentioning a video tutorial and also my accomplishment of learning the lyrics to Llama llama duck.  Which means I am often humming it when I am not absentmindedly humming the theme song for one of Investigation Discovery's new shows.  I think it's the theme song... wouldn't know really, it's what they play in the background of the commercial for it.  But then I tend to hum random commercial tunes and theme songs without realizing it all the time anyway...

I stumbled into setting up a YouTube account without really wanting to.  All I wanted to do was give a good rating and favorable comments to a video I admired.  And Google bullied me into setting up yet another account.  I felt fairly discouraged about my inability to find any use for having a YouTube channel of my own.  But as I poked around a bit I started to realize that while I don't really plan to make videos myself at this time I should be able to use my channel to collect and organize videos I like and especially those video tutorials for knitting and crocheting that I might refer to over and over.  Like Cat Bordhi's Slim and Trim SSKs tutorial featuring her memorable hungry stitch method.

Did you get a look at the doorbell button ad in the upper right corner?  I find it fairly creepy and certainly suspicious that earlier in the evening I looked at doorbell buttons online, possibly for a few hours even.  While I probably won't choose that style I do find there's something enticing about a doorbell button labeled PRESS, just like that in capital letters and everything.  I'm sure there's a reason for the apropos nature of the ads and these circumstances are directly related.  I'd feel a little better with some sort of proof or acknowledgment of it though.  And maybe some guidelines so that all my browsing doesn't produce ads on my channel for everything.  Not that there's anything I'm browsing for that's out of bounds.  It's just too big brother, too mundane, and just not necessary.

I suppose it's fairly newsworthy that the doorbell button I need to replace (at left, in all it's painted over and dilapidated glory) lasted for about 21.5 years.  The manufacturer should be glowing with pride, especially since I've been reading that doorbell button life spans can be as short as 4-11 years.  Truly, I don't know how the push button plastic part of it managed to escape dry-rotting and shattering years ago, except that it is very well shaded and weather protected.  Even in it's duct-taped and sorry current state it does still work.  But it is time for a replacement.

This round one I copied and printed out at life size could be a contender, but it's a bit too yellowy goldy.  Who wants to snoop on this kind of news, really?!  Find me a lighted surface mount button that's clever, beautiful, and has a dark or coppery finish and we can call it even.

At least I have a lead on a local business where I might be able to see some stock in person.  I think if I'd signed up for a channel earlier then there would be ads for llamas instead ;o).

So that's all that's there is so far on my brand new channel.  I'm tempted to try making a video of using my Tilta Swift and ball winder to wind a center pull skein.  It really works remarkably well and just took a bit of practice to get consistently good results.  But to avoid colossal embarrassment I would have to do a lot of putting away of half finished projects that are cluttering up my work space.  It's nearly unbearable at times on it's own, just from the lost but around here somewhere supplies alone, but I only have so much energy and that's so much less that what I should have.  Besides that, there is nothing I can say about it that would convey such a terribly negative impression as allowing it to appear as the background in a video.  That makes two obstacles: reliable or certain means of capturing video and massive straightening to remove unsightly backdrop.  Maybe someday I'll get to it.  Would love to get everyone using a Tilta Swift - so clever, so economical, so many items you already have on hand that could be put to fabulous use.  And a video would be far more convincing than a sparse beginner slideshow.

There's nothing there to see really now, but when it really seems presentable I'll add a link.  Cheers!

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