Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not so good timewise

I don't really like to wrap gifts. I like the way they look wrapped, but just feel like I've lost patience for it and don't do nearly as good of a job as I used to do. Nothing ever comes out as neatly and sharp as I'd hoped. So I had this idea to decorate a shipping box instead.

This is a fleece blanket for my dad. His room is colder than the rest of his house. He folds an old bedspread in half in the winter, but I think an extra blanket will work better.

It would have taken a lot less time to just take the blanket out and wrap it. It took a bit of extra time just because the box was a rather mangled. But wrapping it would have taken a large amount of paper for someone who never unwraps gifts himself anyway. Even when I loosen tape or slice boxes open for him, he still hands things back to me saying, "open this." I push them back saying, "look, you only need to pull up the flaps" or "move the paper away." So maybe that is part of my reluctance to really wrap things, too.

What inspired me was realizing I could color a band over the LANDS' END printing on the long sides. I didn't realize that my selection of darker blue marker shades was pretty limited. If I'd been thinking ahead I would have selected 3 blue shades and possibly colored the ribbon with the lightest one. But then that wouldn't cover up the lettering.

It was when I looked for a photo of a bow and started drawing that on the box that I realized I hadn't left much room for shadowing since I'd started the ribbon in my darkest blue. The only way to create darker shades with this blue was to keep coloring over areas to make them darker.

It is ok. I didn't realize that coloring a ribbon over the lettering wasn't really the right place for a ribbon wrapped around the box. I didn't do a good job of making the bow use ribbon the same width as that colored around the box, either.

I'll try to remember these little details before I attempt this again!

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  1. Well, my sister said she liked the bow anyway. So the next box I send to her I'll be sure to draw a (hopefully better) bow on top.