Sunday, December 26, 2010

Llama, llama, duck

I'm off to find llama yarn so I can make not just Coquena the llama, but Coquena the llama llama. 

"...fuzzy llama
funny llama
llama llama 


Again, it's all Rebecca Danger's fault and it started with alpaca alpacas. I'll be knitting another one since my good friend, Amy, sent me some great alpaca colored alpaca yarn.  Soon I'll need to find bison yarn for Delicious Crochet's American Bison pattern. Somehow in a drowsy state I came across the Llama song. Well, I was looking for llama photos to try and decide on colors.

llama llama
llama llama

 it's more than a song, it's a flash video, and apparently will go on forever until I close that tab.

"...half a llama
twice the llama
not a llama
llama in a car
alarm a llama

It's quirky, it's catchy, it's completely illustrated and captioned - check it out! the Llama song

Not that I could (or would want to) illustrate the whole song, but I do have a great duck pattern already: Duggie Duck, by Carola van Groen, creator of the Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus pattern.

I'm too sleepy to be anything but silly, so listening to this song suits me fine right now.
Merry Christmas, if it's not yet the next day.

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