Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Seasonal Clauses

That would be Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus, of course.

I appreciate that the pattern gives her dimensional bangs. The first time I made her hair it was a bright white. The when I got to Santa's hair and beard, it called for furry yarn. What I could easily put my hands on was slightly off white. I didn't think about that making a difference until I had them side by side the next day and her hair made his look dingy. Actually, the pattern calls for making her hair gray. At first I couldn't find my dk grays. And then even after I did I just wasn't so keen on giving her gray hair. So I looked through the dk yarn again and found this off white color that didn't clash so badly with Santa's hair.

I did have a hard time figuring out how to apply Santa's hair and just how his mustache was to be completed, but managed something.

I think what is shown here is partly due to shifted position or the angle of the camera. I have her hair pinned on with a single U shaped blocking pin in the front. When I first made her hair in blinding white the back of the hair seemed impossibly short. Here you can see it sort of tapers down to about ear lobe level, which is realistic. In the original hair I added several extra rows to make her hair extend down as far as i thought it should be. In the second hair (pictured) it may just need a slight adjustment in positioning. I've left the yarn uncut, though, because I haven't completely made up my mind about whether or not the hair is finished.

Here's Mrs. Claus's hat, which seemed awfully slow to work, but it was easy and very clever for generating all those ruffles.

Together again. I realized typing just a bit ago that I didn't have any snapshots of Santa's hat yet. It's only partly completed, but starts from the round white ball at the bottom tip. This pattern is easy to follow with the increases and decreases and it clearly pays very special attention to construction and shaping. For instance, the ball which anyone else would have made a pompom - it's crocheted!

When I finish up the clothes for this pair it's going to be no more crochet with boucle for me!

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