Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Super Sis to the rescue!

I had a problem with my digital camera. The usb connection on it became dislodged and disappeared into the camera body. So I had no way to get photos out of the camera. But at least I could still take them.

My sister sent me an old card reader she had that would accommodate the obsolete SmartMedia cards that my camera uses. She also boxed up her old digital camera and sent that to me with all the cords, extra cards and batteries, manuals, a remote, etc.  Clearly this camera is more advanced and complicated than the one I was used to. Actually I'm having trouble getting pics in focus using the auto setting and haven't yet figured out why. But then it took me a day or two of thinking to figure out how to turn off the auto flash. Again, the manual is in the original box with everything she sent. I don't really feel like I have the time and energy to devote to much experimenting and figuring and just reading and remembering. (I know that sounds awful.) I always hate to have to replace devices like this because it's a chore to have to learn something new and an adjustment period while I'm not able to really control the operation well.

Well, there have been a few extra developments, including my camera's sudden refusal to motor on. I tried swapping my batteries with a spare set that I always have charged and that didn't make a difference. I'm waiting now for them to go through a charging cycle and hoping that I somehow had two sets of dead batteries at once without realizing it.

In a fabulous surprise, I have discovered how to use my sister's old camera to make movie clips. That sure does a much better job of demonstrating my dissatisfaction with the green zipper. Bravo!

Thanks, Sis!

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