Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's All Rebecca Danger's fault!

I can't seem to stop buying alpaca yarn.  Why? Because I must make alpaca alpacas.  In true to me form I still have not completely finished one yet, but I have two mostly finished, yarn for a third and possibly more yarn on the way.  I just can't keep track anymore.

Why would this be her fault? The inspiration came from her pattern!  I never would have thought of knitting an alpaca alpaca on my own if I had not seen Zeke the Aloof Alpaca.  Beyond that, I'm thinking I'm going to certainly need a llama llama.  Specifically I must create Coquena, The Llama.  She's adorable, with or without her peruvian hat.  Definitely cute enough to crochet, but perhaps this will be the first time I attempt to convert a crochet pattern into knitting.  From there, I'll likely be compelled to knit a bison bison, an angora angora... or would that be a mohair angora, or angora rabbit?  Maybe one of each kind if I can figure it out.  Surely there must be a camel camel in this menagerie.  Perhaps I can limit myself to animals and won't have to produce knit corn from corn or bamboo with bamboo.  Otherwise, this could go on forever.

I suppose the reason I must do this is the same reason I will someday knit a set of dissected frog and lab rat specimens.  I don't know if this compulsion comes from novelty, irony, or just a strange sense of humor.  Fortunately I think I can bear to skip the fetal pig and alligator, so I'm not disappointed to find those patterns missing.  I can't say exactly what makes the frog and rat essential and the alligator and pig too much.  I've always been a bit weird.  There's just no helping or explaining that, I guess.

Alpaca Alpaca to be

ETA: I can be sure I won't be tempted to knit a vicuna vicuna at $300 per skein!  It's good to know there's a limit to my new obsession.

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