Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Faux Pas or Folly?

I'm seeing now the foolishness of commenting on problems with my blog in my blog.  Just as a practical matter, it strikes me as odd to read updates about troubleshooting that appear in a reverse chronology.  Besides that, if no one else is seeing what I'm seeing that can't possibly help my credibility.  (Everybody come and heckle the crazy lady who can't find the pictures we're seeing...)

It's taken a lot of time just to figure out how to interpret what is going on.  I thought at first the malfunction was obvious - lack of pictures where they'd previously been.  It wasn't until almost day after first seeing oddness that I realized the problem wasn't quite what I thought.  Either that or it shifted somewhere in the middle.  Which actually is something I thought I was seeing direct evidence of; still not sure those changes had any bearing on the outcome, though.  Once the WIP bar was working properly I left the window open and after a while was shocked to see the FO bar malfunction.  It made me wonder if there was something that kind of queued them up together and the longer FO set had to wait for the WIPs to loop around so it could start over.  (Sounds improbable to me, because they seem completely independent.  Still I had to keep watching and waiting for it to start again.  But the only way it did start over was to reload the page.)  I guess I'm still not sure how to understand what was going on with the completely white picture area or the times when it was quickly flashing gray, but not resolving into an image... like fast forward or something.

So I'm feeling torn about taking out all mention of problems or just leaving them to get buried.  I suppose a third option could be to pretend it never happened.  And whether the current functions of things stays consistent or drops off again is an important point of consideration.  I would like to understand someday just what was causing this.  And hopefully I'll have a good laugh about it, too.  I suppose it really shouldn't matter much one way or the other.

In case I have manage to inadvertently confuse anyone, I am truly sorry for that.  This situation has definitely been confusing and frustrating for me, lol.

ETA: I've been so distracted by other issues and challenges lately that whether or not the pictures are displaying properly or whether or not the longer FO show reloads and continues has completely dropped off my radar.  Funny how something that seems so important one day can be completely forgotten the next.

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