Monday, October 4, 2010


Surely I am not the only one completely enamored with the graphics and creativity of the Drawn and PuppetShow games.  I think the Drawn people are onto something with awarding trophies or some such for completing different goals.  I've been through the game three times already just trying to make it all the way without using a single hint or tip.  Maybe that's just something in the collector's edition version; have that for the sequel, not the first one.  My only small disappointment would be that in the Painted Tower it seems to take a good bit of time every time you load the next scene.  Makes me thankful for games that give you shortcuts to previously accessed areas.

I may even use some stashed Malabrigo red shades to knit myself a long red scarf in honor of Iris.  If you knew how unlikely I ever was to consider knitting myself a long red scarf you'd see that is a great compliment.  That's only slightly less surprising than if I were to claim that Dorothy Gale's story was so fascinating I simply must have a blue gingham dress of my own, to wear of course - bah fashion sense!  ;o)  Perhaps a suitable scarf should have stars subtly worked into it...

I haven't found anything quite so completely enchanting since the first or nth time I watched the Nightmare Before Christmas, but I suppose there have been a handful of things that have come close.

The titles I know about can be found here at least, not sure about other places - Drawn: The Painted TowerDrawn: Dark FlightPuppetShow: Mystery of Joyville, PuppetShow: Souls of the Innocent

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