Sunday, October 3, 2010

Better or worse than talking to myself??

I mean accidentally following my own blog, lol.  Well I don't know.  I talk to myself all the time AND answer myself.  I remind anyone who criticizes that habit that if I'm not listening to and answering me, who will?  That was just a button I clicked because I don't have things figured out yet and wondered what it would do.

Who starts a blog when they are battling tendonitis and tennis elbow in both arms anyway? Typing is what  causes me the most pain fastest, except for setting up my dad's IV antibiotic.  Hopefully there's only about ten days of that left.  We're in week three now and on day eight I suddenly had intense pain at the base of my thumb several hours after twanging the bubbles out of the tubing.  Until then I was doing pretty well.

And then six days later I tripped over my dog and fell onto my left wrist, the one that was worse off to start with.  Also fell onto my knees, which didn't even seem to notice - fortunately.  Surprisingly I did not actually impact my dog.  Am still a bit puzzled by it.  She knew I was falling on her and looked up at me with a wide-eyed 'you're going to squash me' deer in headlights sort of expression.  In a reflex that's kind of like a driver extending their arm in front of a passenger when stopping suddenly I slid my right arm under her chest.  I still have no idea why that happened.  Certainly wasn't planning on it and I didn't want to pin her in place to squash her.  I don't know if that makes it more like tackling her or what.  Of course it happened in an instant; I just found myself on the floor hugging her with my right arm.  I suppose the distinction is that she was not supporting my weight at all.  I have a feeling if I'd just fell on both wrists the left one wouldn't have taken quite as much of a beating, lol.

Went out and got fitted for wrist splints with thumb spicas and they are mostly comfortable. I'm supposed to wear them as much as possible and sleep in them, too.  My fingers are free to move and they keep me from turning my hands into positions that put pressure on my wrists and thumbs.  At times pinching or holding things between my thumb and index finger is pretty painful.  Still have to do that every day to hold the stem on the IV bag to spike it, connecting the tubing.  And pinching with my left hand is better than using it to push and twist, which is what my right hand has to do.  Have had a hard time opening the microwave with my left hand because pushing the button with my thumb hurts.  I feel like the splints are keeping me from hurting myself more and allowing the injured parts to mend. The only problem I haven't solved yet is that they get sweaty.  So when my arms feel hot and I'm inside and doing little I take them off, undo the velcro completely, and let them air out.

I suppose until someone else is following me, I might as well follow me.  Little chance of that any time soon and I'm not sure just how I feel about it anyway.  I don't mind sharing my ideas; heck it's hard to stop me!  But I don't have any real plans behind what's going to be here other than I'd like a place to put those thoughts that don't really belong in my rav notes.  Guess that for now I'm just dipping in my toes and going to take my time.  A good idea since typing isn't my friend right now.

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