Saturday, November 13, 2010

Completed squares

I think this would definitely make a neat blanket as an all over pattern.  That's the way the actual blanket pattern I was referring to is written.  (For the Spreading Love project I just needed a single panel width worked up into a square.)  I can imagine children tucked in with this blanket and gazing down at it, seeing all the stars popping out.  Perhaps that makes it too interesting to promote relaxation, though.  This won't the the last illusion knitting project I do.  Well, I suppose that's a silly thing to say since I already have a second version of this on my needles and half completed already!

Here are the other completed blocks:

Sure wish I could master altering the layout here...just seems a bit clunky and very limited.  oh well!

To the left is Holding hands, feeding ducks.

If I were doing this brioche pattern again and altering it into a square shape, I might be more particular about the corner that doesn't really have any yellow in it.  That just stands out just a bit.  I also might try to establish the corner/squared shape much earlier in the design.

Here's the M block, just needs blocking.

ETA: the blocked version - what a difference!!!

and also edited to clarify a poorly expressed thought and provide the link for the Star Illusion Blanket pattern.

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