Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Well, since the other version got it's own post

Oh, my!  It seems I may have left this post in draft mode for a while, thinking I'd finalized and published it.  Poor slightly less loved blue version. You are lovely in your own way. I really didn't mean to get quite so wrapped up in version two so as to forget you and treat you in a shabby way.

This is actually the first square I made from SmoothFox's Diagonal Box Stitch Square 6x6. I thought it might be interesting to make 4 and sew them together in a decorative way. I misread the pattern the first time and only made the center stripe of color 3 rows wide, rather than 5. They still matched up nicely in the end. And the big diamond shape is at an oblique angle. I didn't realize how difficult the squares would be to sew together neatly. There isn't a way I can think of to create a selvedge using this construction. But that is what inspired me to redo the pattern, making a diamond design in a one piece 12" square.

Eeek! I feel so terribly redundant. I suppose it's like books that are written in a series, but you can pick up anywhere and not really be lost because even the central characters are introduced in each book. Well, that's the nicest way I can think of relating to what's going on from one post to the next and also the notes in my Ravelry notebook. It makes me feel boring that I don't have any more to say or more stories to tell.

But wait - I do have pictures!

I like this best when the navy diamonds are on the right and left, rather than up and down. I suppose since navy makes up just two sides of each outline they're not diamonds. Perhaps they are chevrons?

Like the other square based on this pattern I find it hard to be sure which edge goes up and which side is front. So here is what I decided was the wrong side at photographing time, and it's turned 90 degrees each time to show most or all edges could be up.

This is the "wrong" side:

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