Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Two Tulips, II

And one of the earliest finished is the last to be shared - Two Tulips, II

That's the left two tulips from the Illusion Tulips Pattern by MuseSusan. I took a few rows out of the chart at the bottom and also at the top of the stems so that the finished square would measure 12". Had to reshape the top tips of the leaves just a bit. Didn't realize until I got to that point that because the stem of the left tulip really leaned if I just cut out those last rows of stem the stem on my square wasn't going to connect with the blossom. So a tiny bit more tweaking there. And like the rest of the illusion patterns, the image is visible looking from the top to the bottom.

This was before blocking and in indoor light, and probably well after dark, too. This one was finished at least a week ago, but I only just mailed it in a box today, along with about twice as many as I'd sent before. I really should have split that up and sent the tulips and stars on in advance. Guess I just kept thinking I was almost done with the next square, so it could wait another day. I've enjoyed making squares so much I may move on to making 8" squares to send to South Africa. But that will be after my holiday crafting, and maybe after making some progress (but not necessarily finishing) on projects just for me.

In other news I did have a lot of inspiration for squares left over. I've just run out of time to put off my holiday crafting. One of the things I wanted to do was make a square with a happy family on it. This was something I thought of after seeing decals of stick figure families on the back of the umpteenth minivan. I decided I'd really like the people in my square family to be holding hands, and instead of knitting them on I thought it would be really nice if those were three-dimensional and even interactive. Maybe more on this another time.

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