Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New disappointment

Can you see the problem?  (Besides the
ghastly color representation)

I finished up a block with a pattern of diamonds on it last night.  Soaked it several times in the hottest water I could manage until the water came out clear.  Set it aside to start drying.  And then just glancing at it I saw a glaring mistake a few diamonds in from one edge.  At first I thought it was a few pattern repeats up from the bottom, but looking closely at it hours later (after kind of moping about it and feeling dejected) I'm a bit more sure it's near the top.  Don't know why I can't seem to do anything right lately.

Do you see it now?

At first I thought I was seeing things when it seemed one of the rows of diamonds was shorter than the others.  It was actually the lack of purl at the top of the diamond next to my thumb that clued me into something being wrong.

Did manage to get the original squares into the mail, finally, Saturday night.  Was hoping to whip up a few more and get them sent off too.  The biggest amount of time I've been spending lately seems to be finding mistakes and coming up with ways to fix them.

Aha!  Finally I think I have a photo that shows this color better.  I really wasn't choosing baby poop colors, lol.

ETA: And I got the diamond pattern fixed, too!


  1. Oops! I was able to see it without the close-up or finger pointers.

  2. It's always good to know it's just me ;o). I suppose that would have been a much bigger goof if it had been the beginning and I'd worked all the rest of it without noticing...