Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sure, it's an ungodly mess NOW

But I think it's going to be pretty wonderful soon!

After spending a good bit of time and making painfully slow progress sewing together four 6" x 6" square blocks (including the following three)

to make the 12" square at right, I really wanted to explore making an entire 12" square as one piece. Certainly that could be done, but I wanted to use colors to arrange a central diamond motif at the same time. I used SmothFox's Diagonal Box Stitch Square 6x6 for the pattern for the 6" x 6" squares, which makes stripes as parallel diagonals. I was sure I could modify that to make the diagonal stripes align as if they were four small squares sewn together. It just took a bit of tweaking and playing and cheating.

There's just a bit of spaghetti involved. But you can see at the top left and bottom right that I'm just starting to get diagonal stripes at a right angle to what's in the bottom left corner.

I think it's off to a nice start anyway...  I may wish I'd chosen different colors. Won't be the first time.  Just too tired to go on right now, so it's going to have to keep until tomorrow. Will try to take some snapshots of cheating the colors into the right place from not too far away. Sometime soon when I have more time to talk about knitting (and to a much lesser extent, crocheting - although that has suddenly become a bit more interesting with the new techniques and texture stitches I've learned lately) instead of actually knitting. Good night!

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